“Farming can be quite isolating, so knowing there’s support available from people who are understanding of those specific pressures is reassuring to know.”

Mental health is something that as a Federation we take very seriously.  We know that farming life can be hard and that we all need to look out for each other.

In recent times, we’ve seen a real drive within the sector to improve the farming community’s understanding of mental health issues.  Raising awareness and providing easily accessible support services is key to reaching as many people as possible.

Improving mental wellbeing is an area that Somerset YFC is really active in. In 2020 we become part of the Somerset Mental Health in Agriculture Group.  We have been able to fund several of our members to become trained mental health first aiders.  Being able to recognise some of the signs that might indicate someone is struggling is a skill that can truly make a difference.

Equally important is knowing what services are available and where to signpost people who might need support from professionals. It’s great to know that RABI places so much importance on this issue, by providing these online community resources.

By starting an open, honest conversation and working together, we can all help tackle mental wellbeing in farming.”

Rebecca Horsington, County Organiser, Somerset YFC