“It’s reassuring to know there’s a safe space for farmers to visit. Anyone struggling with wellbeing issues will find a supportive community – so you need never feel alone.” 

‘Having trailed the platform with other YFC members we all agreed that it was easy to use, whilst also having a wealth of resources and blogs (on mental health and issues in the agricultural  industry) available for those that need it.

It has the option of being as anonymous as the user wishes, allowing them to choose their own name and use as much or as little of the platform as they want. This is important to those in the agricultural industry or our organisation who may want support but don’t know where to turn and are worried about talking to someone.

It can be used in a variety of ways and works well across various devices trialled by the members. It’s a valuable for platform for anyone who may be dealing with mental health issues on any level, giving them a safe space to talk but also hopefully making them feel less alone. 

Mental health has come to the fore as a concern in our industry over the past few years, by providing support 24/7 and 365 days a year, this platform is vital tool to help. As an industry we are aware that isolation and mental health issues have increased during Covid-19, this platform will be a way for those isolated to be connected and access support whenever they need and whoever they may be. 

Katie Davies, Wales YFC Chairman