what’s on your mind?

Talking about what’s on your mind can be difficult. Whether you are adjusting to life at university, struggling with the pressure of exams or life events, we know you might not be ready to share with others you know just yet.


No matter what’s on your mind, we’re here, whenever you are ready to talk. We’re free, safe and anonymous.

About this tool
We've developed this lookup tool to allow you to find the Kooth or Qwell services available in your area. You must be registered with a GP in the area of your university to use the University lookup feature, if not, please search with the first part of your home postcode. Kooth and Qwell are anonymous mental wellbeing services, so we will never ask for identifiable information such as your name, email address or full postcode.

Free, safe and anonymous mental wellbeing support

Access to our mental wellbeing platforms varies by area. You may be directed to Kooth or Qwell wellbeing platforms depending on your age and location.

Kooth is available for children and young people in most areas of the UK for people aged 10 – 18. But may also be available to you up to the age of 25 years of age depending on where you live.

Qwell is available across a range of areas in the UK for individuals over the age of 18, however in some areas, access to Qwell might start anywhere from 18 years to 25 years of age.

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How do we work out if you can use our services?

Our services are most commonly commissioned by local NHS CCGs and Health Boards. Our tool may use one of two methods to determine what access you have to these services.

We’ll ask you to provide your University and Age. We match your University to it’s local NHS CCG area. It’s really important that you are registered with a GP practice in your University area to take advantage of the coverage in this area.

If you are not planning to register with a GP in the same area you attend University, you’ll be asked to enter part of your home postcode to enable us to look up the access available in this area. We’ll ask you for the first part of your postcode (which may be 2-4 characters long).

The tool will then signpost you to service which is available to you. Please be aware, if there are any further stipulations to the access available in this area (such as male-only or parent and carer only contracts), these will be highlighted to you at this stage.

This tool currently covers mainland United Kingdom, if you are from the Isle of Man please go to qwell.io, or kooth.com if you are from Jersey, to access support.

If you currently attend the University of West England, please visit student.kooth.com as you have specific coverage supplied by your university.