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Online wellbeing support for farming people

Free, safe, anonymous welfare support for people in agriculture.

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Mental Health Tips for Farming People

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“Farming can be quite isolating, so knowing there’s support available from people who are understanding of those specific pressures is reassuring to know."
Rebecca Horsington
County Organiser, Somerset Young Farmers Club
“Social interaction has really been lost during the pandemic and people have become more isolated. Therefore, we really need to be mindful that we connect with farmers. Every farmer counts.”
Stella Owen
NFU Cymru County Adviser
"In our industry we always face enormous challenges. Around markets, the weather, people, resourcing, fertiliser costs, energy costs, logistics – all these things have an impact. So without doubt there are challenges around mental health, compounded by long working hours and rural isolation. We must collectively make sure the right support is available.”
Phillip Wynn
Worshipful Company of Farmers
"It’s reassuring to know there’s a safe space for farmers to visit. Anyone struggling with wellbeing issues will find a supportive community – so you need never feel alone.”
Katie Davies
Wales YFC Chairman
“Speaking from personal experience there’s a lot to be gained from seeking help from professionals who understand the way you feel.”
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Roger Kerr
Chief Executive, OF&G
“We need farmers to share their stories to normalise the idea of reaching out for support.”
Matt Lobey
Professor, University of Exeter

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A safe and confidential space to share experiences and gain support from our community and qualified professionals.

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Professionally moderated

Instant access

Anonymous & available

An anonymous site which helps people to feel safe and confident in exploring their concerns and seeking professional support.


"I like that I can access Kooth as much or as little as I want"

Multiple ways to get help

Our suite of applications allows people to choose how they want to access help: Magazines, Forums, Messaging, Live Counselling.

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A safe, welcoming space

A safe, welcoming space

We have a robust risk profiling system across all parts of the site that allows us to prioritise and to reach out. Safeguarding encompasses all we do at every level of care.

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Human practitioners

Our live counselling allows service users to receive professional support through either booked or drop in sessions as and when a session is required. You’ll be talking to a real, trained professional.

Our practitioner team work evenings and weekends, 365 days a year.

No waiting lists or referrals

Access is immediate. There is no need for a referral, no waiting lists and the service is available 24/7.

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You're not alone

If you need mental health health support, go somewhere good.